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What is digital communication ?

Gone are the days when we only wrote letters to each other, email has been a first step towards digital communication. Before email was properly used by everyone, another digital means of communication had already been launched, namely SMS. Mail and SMS together formed the digital communication age for many years, until others took off. Whatsapp conquered the market share of personal messages on the phone at the expense of sms.

Social media

But after the introduction of social media platforms, digital communication was completely reinvented. This was a direct hit and a real craze with users of all ages around the world. At the time of writing, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become an integral part of today's digital communication. But there are even more means of communication.


In order to communicate in the current communication era, you need communication devices in the first place. The most used is without a doubt the smartphone, followed by computer and tablet.

Online web apps

To communicate at different levels and devices also needs various online web apps. You can talk to someone with a speech application, with a video application you can see and talk to each other, with an email app you can send an email, with an sms application you can send a text message, and so on. 


In order to enter into a dialogue on all fronts, you therefore need all kinds of online communication solutions and the associated different online accounts. Each target group also has its own digital world and means of communication.

Manage communication flows

To manage communication of both activity and contacts requires a good online communication platform. The online program should also help you control the flow of communication. Best is also an app that works on all your devices and suits your target audience.

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Gmail Google
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Outlook Microsoft

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Online web applications are most suitable for communicating on various devices with different target groups, including management of activity and contacts.